Why Tesla is dominating the electric car market

If you’ve been keeping on top of the news recently, you’ll have seen that Tesla has finally started making a profit on the model 3. This profit is because the output of cars from the new Gigafactory has actually hit the quantity Elon Musk said it would hit last year. There are still large backorders to process though, over half a million, which may take a long time to get through at the current rate of production.

Tesla is dominating the electric car industry for a few reasons, the main one is that Elon Musk saw the future of cars and took action. Tesla was founded with the aim of only producing electric cars for everyone, by reducing the cost of production their aim is to make electric cars that anyone looking to buy a car can afford. They’ve not quite reached that yet, but they have sold more electric cars than any other company, so they’re definitely going in the right direction.

Another reason why they are dominating the car industry is because the cars they sell are all future proofed. In my opinion self driving cars are the future, Tesla agrees, this is why all the cars they sell have the technology inside them to become self driving through a software update. Fully self driving cars are illegal in Ottawa at the time of writing, but cars are allowed to drive themselves as long as a driver is at the wheel to take over where necessary. It’s probably a very lucky thing that Tesla have future proofed their cars, at the current rate of production they’ll be playing backlog catch-up for more than 10 years!

Photo credit: cleantechnica.com


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