Coming Soon: The Mazda RX-9

Ever since the legendary Mazda 787b with a rotary engine debuted and absolutely dominated at the 24 Hours of Le Mans (and was subsequently banned),the company has disappointed its fans with the current options. The RX-8 was a let down for many fans after trying to carry the name of the infamous RX-7 sports car, but rumour has it that a new RX series car may be in the works.

Mazda has to be really careful with the way that they release, tease, and otherwise induce excitement for the new car, because of the big problem that acura had with the new NSX. It would be a shame for one of the most respected Japanese sports cars in history to lose respect from fans because of false promises and delayed releases, as well as the aforementioned major task of living up to the RX-7’s major name, which is where the RX-8 fell short.

Many people have speculated on what the new coupe will look like, but just a short while ago Mazda gave us a taste of it with the Mazda Vision concept, which many people assumed would be the new RX-7. I do think that this is justified, as the Toyota FT-1 seems to have a higher and higher chance of being the new supra.

Mazda RX-9 Exterior Image

The hype for the new rotary monster is very encouraging, for both enthusiasts such as myself as well as Mazda, as we all know that the rotary is not perfect, and this means that although we do have high expectations for the new car, we will be accepting of it, as long as they don’t make the same mistake Acura did. The one thing they cannot get wrong is keeping the spirit of the car, as the character of it is what made it so legendary in the first place.


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